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Our Mission

Mission: Earth

Esteem Education Company is dedicated to the production of film, video and interactive programming aimed at the exploration of all things Earth Science!

Our programs explore the amazing and fascinating stories of our Planet revealed by the air, water, life and rocks around us.   

Our programs take viewers on field trips, laboratory missions and scientific investigations into a variety of natural science fields; such as geology, geophysics, meteorology, geography, archaeology, astronomy and more!

Key to Exploration

The Key to Exploration

Exploration of the Earth is at the heart of what we do!  We want to inspire the next generation of young leaders and educators through fun and interactive learning materials and help them appreciate the importance of Earth Science.

Teachers and parents can utilize our programs to help teach students the value in exploring the outside world – there are things to learn evern in your own backyard!   Anyone with an interest in rocks, landscapes and the Earth will enjoy the contents of this site and our programs.


Discover a New Way of Learning

Our series is taught by actual scientists who are always seeking out innovative new ways to connect Earth Science with you!

The goal is to make learning about rocks fun and exciting!  Our videos can be used in a variety of ways from supplementing formal, standards-based learning curricula in schools, to allowing a child to freely explore topics at home on their PC or IPAD.

If you’re looking for a new way of learning about the Earth, check out our programs on the menu bar above.


About Us

Esteem Education Co. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation, whos mission is to create fun and entertaing programs that provide vehicles for education and outreach in the Earth Sciences for teachers, parents and students alike.

Founded by geologist Dr. Devin Dennie,  and filmmaker Todd Kent, Esteem has produced a variety of multimedia educational content; such as the TV series “North Texas Explorer”, the documentary films “RocksHounds: The Movie”,  movie “Oklahoma Rocks!” and acclaimed web series “Geology Kitchen” since 2001.