What is Geology Kitchen?

Geology Kitchen is a twelve episode online video series that uses food metaphors to explain earth science concepts in a fun and entertaining way.  The videos are free and can be either watched online or downloaded from iTunes.

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Can I publicly screen the episodes to my class and/or as a part of my educational program?

Yes!  That’s exactly why Geology Kitchen exists.

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Who is Devin Dennie?

Dr. Devin Dennie is the writer, producer and host of the Geology Kitchen.  He received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in Geology & Geophysics and has worked on a variety on educational television, video and documentary projects.  For more information about Dr. Dennie please consult his official website.

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How was this project funded?

Explorer Multimedia Inc. received a grant from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation to produce the series.

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Is the series available on DVD?

Yes!  Click HERE to purchase!

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How can I contact the producers?

You can email us

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